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What is Smart Clinic?

A platform for both, the clinic and the patient…

…that helps the clinic digitalize the patient‘s stay

…that provides the patient with added value

… easy to use and intuitive

… for communication between care providers accross various sectors

… for internal communcation

… process optimization

Pre Stay

Smart Clinic will get the patient onboard and prepare prior to the clinic stay


  • For internal management and external connection with GPs
  • For patient onboarding


  • Complete digital anamnesis questionnaire accesable before stay
  • Remind patient to work on anamnesis questionnaire
  • Allergies/ diseases/ intolerances


  • Notify patient about stay
  • Remind patient to work on questionnaires


  • For pre stay consultations with patients or referrers

Check Lists

  • Tell patient what to pack for his stay
  • Tell patient what else to bring for his stay

During Stay

The platform will provide guidance and support during the stay

Integration into Hospital EMR System

  • Hospital EMR interface for live update of therapy plan changes
  • Digital therapy plan for patients
  • Access and show all therapy data from Hospital EMR


  • Video
  • Audio
  • Chat

Informationen for the stay

  • Enter clinic information in the backend toolbox or connect to current CMS
  • Show patient general information about the clinic
  • Show patient amenities and events
  • Indoor Navigation


  • Appointments
  • Reminders

Meal plan

  • Connect interface or upload/fill menu in the backend
  • Enable patient to choose and rate meals
  • Show premium menus
  • Optimize procurement

Post Stay

Give a platform for following-up content and medical assistance after the stay

Follow-up content

  • Personalized health content
  • Follow-up exercises
  • Dietary tips


  • Stay in touch with the patient
  • Measure therapy success
  • Measure long-term therapy results


  • Stay in touch with your doctors (if activated)
  • Video call, chat, phone call etc.


Health data monitoring

  • Track therapy results
  • Enable patient to have access to his long term vital data

Health Wiki

  • Source of health data related information
  • Educating the patient


Additional Features

Manage clinic and patient in best way

The questionnaire engine enables flexible and diverse creation of questionnaires or lists. Create customized questionnaire and completely digitalize predefinied pdf-forms


  • Form creator for complete digitalization (incl. database) of fixed pdf-forms
  • Classic questionnaires
  • Anamnesis
  • Feedback
  • Scoring questionnaires for measuring the therapeutical developments
  • Checklists, e. g. for check-in and check-out


  • Introduction and instruction for chapters and whole questionnaire
  • Creation of chapters
  • Creations of questions and conditional questions with various answer categories:

    Long text, Short text, Checklist, Radio buttons, Rating, Scales/Scores

The Notification Engine enables best patient & professional management by notifying/remind users regarding appointments, events etc.

Areas of application

  • Therapy plan und appointments
  • Order meals
  • Medication plan


  • Pre, during and post questionnaires
  • Indoor navigation
  • Areas of application inside the clinic

The Premium Patient Feature offers various opportunities for creating business models als well as better service level for your patients

  • Premium Room
  • Additional health related offerings
  • Additional offerings in Food & Beverages segment
  • Additional offerings in leisure and entertainment

How to handle non app patients?

Modular design architecture for scaling & single use of modules

  • Questionnaires
  • Meal plan
  • Therapy plan
  • Multilanguage

Put yourself in the driver seat

  • Database set up to be easy connected to reporting system
  • Standard or customized reports
  • Enhance transparency of your business and the patients therapy progress and satisfaction
  • Customize the reporting cycle and receive auto generated and recurring reports

Device Agnostic


Compatible with the common operating systems and corresponding devices